User Experience Architect    +   Creative Director   +   DJ   +   Mentor

Creation is an act of pure Will

As a User Experience Architect & Creative Director

For the past two decades William Ellis has been at the forefront of the digital industry. At the onset of his career, he founded a small website consultant firm. William’s versatility and talent has allowed him to take on various roles depending on the situation.  He has taken on the role of Creative Director, Information Architect, User Interface, Interaction and Mobile Designer. This path has culminated in an expertise in User Experience and Product Development. Still a creative at heart, William pays passionate attention to both process and execution, the result of which evokes emotion in the observer of either.


William has worked on both the client and agency side with experience in developing quality products for fortune 500 companies and fledgling start-ups and everything in between. William has an uncanny ability to understand a client’s needs, strategize a strong conceptual plan of action and then disseminate that plan to internal or external teams. He has the analytical ability to enhance or optimize a product using best practices as well as personal and professional experience. William has managed small, medium and large multidisciplinary teams and has maximized the strengths and skills of each team member. In combination: his management acumen, his creative proficiency and his comfort with the worlds of technology, business and marketing makes William a rare and valued member of any team, initiative or company.

As a DJ

When working with William “GoodWill” Ellis you get more than just a DJ. He is an experience curator, DJ, digital marketer, event planner, art director and above all else, he is an artist. He fuses his love of music and art to create visceral experiences for his audiences and clients. These events range from curating exhibitions at art galleries, multi-sensory museum experiences, online campaigns, destination retreats, private functions and live music performances.  


With roots in Brooklyn, New York, his musical influences span the globe. GoodWill’s parents were born and raised on the Caribbean island of Barbados before migrating to Brooklyn. He grew up listening to diverse tropical sounds mixed with the complex bass heavy rhythms of the newly forming cultural phenomenon, Hip Hop. Enthralled with both and influenced by R&B and urban dance music, GoodWill immersed himself in  music, art and the culture that accompanied them. All of these influences inspired his unique ability to blend various genres cohesively, forming a worldly, universally accessible but eclectic sound. GoodWill has run,  hosted and DJd a radio show out of DUMBO NYC, traveled around the world and spun with some of the best DJs in the business like Rich Medina, Tony Touch and Funk Master Flex. He is also the Founder and Co-CEO of Pure Magic, an  event coordination company which produces everything from festivals to corporate gatherings.


Besides spinning at some of the most esteemed venues, GoodWill activates his twenty five years of experience in multi-disciplined art forms to conceptualize, organize, promote and design marketing elements for events to create deep experiences. He has created memories for domestic and international audiences alike including the American Black Film Festival in Miami and the Independence Day Celebration in Portugal. He has founded a number of institutional experiences: Tunnel Vision, a monthly cultural celebration in DUMBO NYC and Brooklyn Magic, a music and arts festival powered by the 46 year running International African Arts Festival in Brooklyn NY. 

As a Mentor

William Ellis strongly believes that, "to whom much is given much is required." He believes that since he has been given many natural talents and abilities he is required to share them. He recognizes the impact that his mentors have had on his life and strives to provide strong mentoring relationships with others. Since children are the future, he believes that it is a necessary investment to spend time with them. As a father of four, uncle of seven and godfather of several, he has witnessed children's innate curiosity, thirst for knowledge and unrelenting energy.

This acknowledgement of social responsibility and the ability to influence has led him to be a part of several projects including counseling programs, rites of passage initiatives, motivational speaking engagements, guest lecturer at schools and colleges and recently led an apprenticeship program via the Citizen Teacher program.

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