I strongly believe that, "to whom much is given much is required." I have been blessed with many natural talents, abilities and opportunities and it's my responsibility to share. The impact that my mentors have had on my life is immeasurable. As such, I strive to provide strong mentoring relationships with others. The youth represent infinite potential, so it's in our best interest to spend time investing in them. As a father of four, uncle of 7 and godfather to several, I have witnessed children's innate curiosity, thirst for knowledge and unrelenting energy. Harnessing and shaping these qualities can build a different and better path for humanity.

My path as a mentor began as a teenager, counseling children in summer camps and after school programs. Throughout college I helped direct Rites of Passage Programs for young inner city men. I have been a guest lecturer and motivational speaker at countless high schools, colleges and programs for youth in foster care.

Recently, I helped create a curriculum and taught valuable life skills via the Citizen Teacher apprenticeship program. I along with my colleagues instructed 6th graders for ten weeks in a public school in Brooklyn, New York.  Our apprenticeship, entitled "Thrive" culminated in an event where the students presented their new found skills to their peers and family in a local art gallery.  My commitment to young people remains strong and I am always looking for additional opportunities to give back and help shape our future.


THRIVE Apprenticeship VIDEO REEL 

In this video, the 6th graders who participated in the THRIVE apprenticeship give an account of what they have learned and how it has affected their self esteem and perception.

The THRIVE apprenticeship team. Gen Isis, Darren Mallett, (Me), and Sophie Glickman